Pregnancy tests at home can cost anywhere from one to fifteen dollars. Along with that, there’s often the question of accuracy. A pregnancy test at WISH Medical is not only completely free, but it is lab quality which means you get a reliable result. Plus, you’ll get a lot of other perks and free services when you get a pregnancy test at WISH.

Whether your potential pregnancy was planned or unexpected, WISH Medical is here to support you through it. Here’s what to expect when you get a pregnancy test at WISH Medical.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our friendly front office staff. They will ask for your ID and have you fill out some paperwork. The information you provide helps us gain an understanding of you and your situation so we can support you in the best possible way.

After your paperwork is filled out and returned to reception, a client advocate will take you back to collect your urine sample. The pregnancy test will be the most accurate if you wait at least one hour before your appointment to use the bathroom. You and the client advocate will meet while the medical team runs your test.


A client advocate is a non-medical, trained mentor whose job is to support you and offer relevant resources and information. Client advocates operate under the same strict confidentiality guidelines as our medical staff. Anything you share will be kept confidential unless it is a matter required by law for us to report.

At your pregnancy testing appointment, a client advocate will do the following:

  • Address any concerns you might have.
  • Give you an estimate of how far along you might be in your pregnancy.
  • Give you information about any options you’re considering.
  • Offer information on available resources either in-house or in the community of Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington.

If your partner is involved in your pregnancy journey, a male client advocate can support him through the process of becoming a father.

Test Results

After you’ve met with a client advocate, a nurse will go over your pregnancy test results with you. If the pregnancy test is positive, we’ll provide early pregnancy information, prenatal vitamins, next steps, and written verification of your positive pregnancy test. You can take this form to your prenatal care provider or anyone else who might need an official verification such as Idaho or Washington WIC or Medicaid. It is likely that the nurse will offer for you to schedule an ultrasound appointment at WISH as well. This service is also completely free. Even if you are undecided about your pregnancy or considering abortion, an ultrasound can give you information about your pregnancy that will help you make decisions moving forward.

If the pregnancy test is negative, the nurse will discuss with you why it may have been negative and if there are any next steps you can take.

As you can see, a pregnancy test at WISH is much more than just a test. You’ll get:

  • Support
  • Information on pregnancy options
  • Information on resources available to you
  • Pre-natal vitamins
  • An official verification of pregnancy
  • Potentially an ultrasound

All for the low cost of nothing.

Do you think you might be pregnant? Call our office at 208-892-9474 or schedule an appointment HERE.


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