Many women facing an unexpected pregnancy feel they’re incapable of raising a child. They wonder about financing, childcare, single parenting, and medical care. All of these are valid concerns. We want you to know you can be a successful parent! We’ll help you.

Parenting Is Possible

Even though the idea of parenting seems impossible, you’d be surprised at the many services and resources available to you. WISH Medical and your local community are ready to help you in any way possible. With a great support system, you can achieve anything.

How We Can Help

At WISH Medical, we provide items such as diapers, formula, clothing, and more to women who participate in our parenting classes or who need emergency assistance. Our classes are designed to provide the basic principles of infant care.

We have a list of resources and referrals based on your individual needs including:

  • Free health care
  • Assistance with energy bills
  • Idaho Child Care Program
  • Food pantries and banks
  • Rent assistance
  • Legal Advice

Is Parenting The Right Choice For You?

Fear can keep you from exploring all your options. Having a conversation with those closest to you reveals the amount of support you’ll receive. You might be very surprised at someone’s reaction. Only you can decide if you should parent. Pregnancy and parenting can be complicated but that doesn’t mean impossible.

Schedule an appointment for a free consultation and let’s talk about the support you need and what’s available to you. No matter what decision you make for your unexpected pregnancy, we want you to feel informed, empowered, and confident. We’re here for you.