What To Do When You Have An Unplanned Pregnancy

Did you miss a period? Maybe a home test came up positive? Or, maybe, you’re experiencing other pregnancy symptoms that make you think you might be pregnant. No matter how you got here, thinking you might be pregnant when you didn’t plan on it can bring a lot of different emotions. Whether you are excited, afraid, or shocked, there are some questions you’ll want answered when you think you might be pregnant.

1. How am i really feeling?

Whether you are feeling afraid, disappointed, confused, or excited, allow yourself to express your feelings. Talk them through with someone you trust. If you decide to get a pregnancy test at Wish Medical, you will get to speak with a trained and experienced advocate at your appointment. She can help you process through your emotions and, if you want to, talk about your options. In order to move forward, it’s important to stay calm and gather information.

2. Am i really pregnant? How far along am i?

Whether you are experiencing symptoms or took a home test, you should get a lab quality pregnancy test and schedule an ultrasound for verification. An ultrasound will help you know for sure whether your pregnancy is viable (in the uterus and has a heartbeat) and tell you how far along you are. Knowing how far along you are is important in making informed decisions.

3. Who do i want to confide in?

Coming to terms with an unplanned pregnancy can be hard enough without involving the important people in your life. While it can be easy to retreat and keep the news to yourself, it can be just as easy to tell a lot of people and get conflicting, pressuring opinions. Neither option is ideal so it’s important to consider who you want by your side during this process. Who do you look up to? Who do you feel safe confiding in? Who will listen to you and support you in the process?

4. Do i understand my options?

Thinking about your options can be overwhelming. Where do you begin doing research and how do you filter through all of the information? It’s important, though, to make an informed decision. At your pregnancy test appointment, a compassionate and informed advocate can help you learn more about each option in a safe, confidential setting.

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Leann Robertson, Rn

Registered Nurse

The content on this page has been reviewed by our Registered Nurse: LeAnn Robertson.