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Do you bill insurance?
All visits are confidential without insurance traces that could be sent home. Our low cost STI lab fees can be paid in cash or by debit/credit card. If your insurance company will reimburse you for your fees, we can provide you with a statement of the tests you paid for that you can submit to them.
How long does it take to get the results of my STI tests?
Some results are available at the time of your visit, though this depends on what testing is done. All other results are generally available within one week, and will be reviewed with you at your follow-up appointment.
Will my visit be confidential?

Absolutely. At WISH Medical, you can be assured that protecting your privacy and confidentiality is our top priority. We follow Federal standards as set forth by The HIPAA Privacy Rule, a law passed by Congress that sets rules and limits on who can look at and receive your health information. 

Do you have contraceptives or prescribe birth control?
We provide information on how various types of contraceptives work and what their side effects can be, however, WISH Medical does not prescribe birth control or hand out contraceptives. You can schedule a consultation with our healthcare provider for education about birth control and answers to your questions.
When should I take a pregnancy test?
Pregnancy tests are most accurate about two weeks after conception, or about the time you would expect to start a period. However, if you have symptoms of pregnancy and suspect that you could be pregnant before you miss a period, you are welcome to come in for our free pregnancy testing services.
Do you provide Plan B?
We provide accurate, evidence-based information on how Plan B (the Morning After Pill) works and possible side-effects of using it. WISH Medical does not provide emergency contraception.
Do you offer services for men involved in an unplanned pregnancy?
Yes! We recognize that an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming for the man involved. We have male advocates available to answer his questions and equip him to support his partner in the decision-making process. We encourage any woman coming in for pregnancy testing to bring her partner. If she desires, he will be included in the medical consultation, as well as be able to view the ultrasound toward the end of it.
Should I get tested for STIs?
The Centers for Disease Control recommends STI testing any time you have had new or multiple sex partners. Many infections may not cause symptoms but can still be passed between partners. Also, while condoms may reduce the risk of getting pregnant or contracting an STI/STD, they cannot provide 100% protection.
If I’m under 18, do I need my parents’ permission for testing?
If you are at least 14 years old, we are able to provide full testing and treatment to you without parental consent under the current healthcare laws of the State of Idaho. Because STI and pregnancy testing can often lead to a wide range of follow-up discussions, we encourage all of our patients to talk to a family member or friend that they trust. If you choose, you may bring them to the appointment. Our goal is making your health and confidentiality our top priority.
Can I get an ultrasound on the same day as my pregnancy test?
We provide free limited obstetrical ultrasounds for women who have a positive pregnancy test, and at times we are able to do it on the same day. An ultrasound is a medical procedure, and therefore, our medical staff will determine if you meet the eligibility criteria at the time of your pregnancy test.
For more information or a confidential consultation, email or call 208-892-WISH(9474).