Advocacy is essential to what WISH Medical does. We are here to listen. Check out this blog to learn more.

About Us

WISH Medical is a holistic sexual health clinic. While people come to us for physical needs, WISH Medical offers support in meeting mental, emotional, and social needs as well. Advocacy is how we provide this support, and is what sets WISH apart from other medical clinics. An advocate is a person trained to identify a client’s non-medical needs. Every client is given the opportunity to meet with an advocate at their appointment. The advocate can then offer specific referrals, if needed, to in-house and community resources that can lead to the client experiencing holistic health.

Advocacy Details

At WISH Medical, an advocate is the first person a client meets with after checking in. The advocate shares about the process of the appointment and gives the objectives for that particular appointment. The advocate then provides education, a domestic violence screening, and a listening ear. Through this process, the advocate assesses the client’s needs, and offers support resources that may interest the client.

Clients always drive the conversation with the advocate. Therefore, if a client does not want to discuss a certain topic or has a particular concern, the advocate follows the client’s lead. WISH Medical’s goal is to support the client in a way that the client always feels safe and empowered. At the end of the advocacy part of an appointment, the client decides if there is any further education they would like information about to build a healthy future.

The Benefits

Often, medical appointments feel rushed and like they are primarily about physical symptoms. Advocacy offers someone to listen to every concern and question a client may have. This gives every client the opportunity to experience a safe and non-judgmental place to discuss their sexual health and relationships. The majority of our surveyed clients tell us that they appreciate the opportunity to talk about their sexual health and relationship concerns, and they are grateful for the support we offer at WISH Medical.

If advocacy is something you are interested in (even if you don’t currently have physical concerns), call the WISH Medical office at 208-892-9474 to schedule an advocacy appointment. WISH is always here to help meet the needs of the community when it comes to sexual health and relationships!

– KO Spangler, Client Services Specialist

Leann Robertson, Rn

Registered Nurse

The content on this page has been reviewed by our Registered Nurse: LeAnn Robertson.