STD testing has many benefits, not only to you but to the community. Check out this blog to find out more about why WISH Medical offers STD/STI testing.

STD testing

Why offer STD/STI testing?

  • As our name, WISH (Wholly Integrated Sexual Health) implies, we care about the whole person and how they are affected by their sexual health – on both emotional and physical levels.
  • Having a good understanding of one’s sexual health as related to STDs/STIs (sexually transmitted diseases/infections) is a vital part of true sexual empowerment and safety.
  • We understand that the realities of sexual activity are often not what they seem in magazines, online, in movies, or “in the heat of the moment”.

What does STD/STI testing look like?

  • It is really very simple! You have the opportunity to talk about your relationship(s) and what your testing needs, requests, or concerns might be.
  • The most frequently requested test is for chlamydia, with which gonorrhea testing is also done. These tests require a urine sample or vaginal swab sample, both of which can be self-collected. There are no painful penile swabs, and females can self-collect or have the practitioner collect the vaginal swab, or can just have a urine test.
  • For other tests, there may be a swab of a genital lesion. This means lightly touching a long Q-tip to the lesion, which can be briefly uncomfortable.
  • In some cases, a throat swab may be recommended. This can cause a gag reflex in some people, and is a little uncomfortable for a few seconds but not really painful.
  • For women who need one, we also offer PAP testing at a very low cost.  If you have been wondering if you are due for a PAP, what a PAP is, or have just been dreading getting it done, we are here to walk you through it!

How does testing benefit our patients?

  • Many STDs/STIs have no symptoms, but can still be causing damage to your (or your partner’s) reproductive system.
  • For patients who do have symptoms, it is a big relief when their concerns are addressed and in many (but not all) cases completely resolved.  For patients who have symptoms caused by something that is not curable (such as genital warts or herpes), it is helpful to discuss general information and options for management of these infections. This can help decrease symptoms and may decrease transmission to others.

How does testing benefit our community?

  • Testing increases the likelihood that infections that can have significant negative impacts will be identified and treated before they spread to others.
  • Sometimes, people who have STD/STI symptoms go to urgent care or even the emergency room because they don’t know where else to go.  We are available Monday-Thursday and do STD/STI testing and treatment at a very low cost.


We want people to know that we are here to help and to provide information, support, and great medical care around sexual health, which can be scary and difficult for some people to talk about. You are not alone in facing these issues when they arise. Even if you just have questions or concerns and don’t want any testing, we are here to listen and to address your concerns. On the other hand, if you want testing and don’t feel like talking too much about it, we’re here for you too!

Are you ready to take the next step and get tested? We’d love to see you today!

-WISH Medical Clinician


*This is not medical advice or a substitute for medical care. Please see your health care provider if you need medical care.