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WISH Medical provides no-cost education about pregnancy, fetal development and birth so you can make an informed decision about your pregnancy. Call us to ask about or schedule a free pregnancy test and consultation.

Parenting Education

To pregnant women and couples who choose to parent, we offer free parenting education and information classes to help you with your journey.

Deciding to parent your child is a big deal. At WISH Medical, we can talk with you about questions you may have.

“How will I support my child?”

“Will I be able to finish school?”

“Will the father be in our lives?”

“What if my parents choose not to help me?”

Many moms and dads find great joy in parenting a child – even one they didn’t plan on. Whether you choose to parent alone, co-parent, or parent with your spouse, we can provide:

  • Free confirmation of pregnancy so you can get medical insurance or other community assistance.
  • Free baby supplies from our Baby Boutique.
  • Free parenting classes with opportunities for additional baby gear through our Earn-While-You-Learn program.
  • Family resources, like one-on-one relationship classes or connecting you to community groups that can help meet your needs.

Take the First Step

Schedule an appointment online or call 208-892-WISH(9474)

We encourage you to bring the father of your baby. An appointment can be made where he will have the opportunity to speak with a male advocate who can answer his questions, and equip him to support you in your decisions.

Considering Abortion?

Schedule a free Pregnancy Test Appointment where you can speak to a nurse about a free limited obstetrical ultrasound.

When Did I Conceive?

Not sure when you became pregnant? Our conception calculator can help you learn when you could have gotten pregnant.

Need to Talk?

No matter when you need to talk, we’re here for you. Call our 24-hour helpline today to speak to a caring and compassionate volunteer about your pregnancy, your relationship, or any other questions or problems you need to talk about. Call

1-800-712-HELP (4357)

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