At WISH Medical, we can provide you with a trained facilitator, and lead your group through a healthy relationship presentation tailored to meet your group’s needs. This includes campus living groups, classrooms, youth groups, and other civic groups.

Community Educaion

Campus Presentations

College level presentations include topics such as healthy relationships, dating, or sexually transmitted infections. We present to sororities, fraternities, dorms, clubs, classes, educational groups, and any organization that requests our services. These classes are fun and educational and the topics covered will be customized for your group.

Secondary Education Presentations

For the secondary schools in our community, we use Heritage Keepers®. This curriculum is recognized by the US Department of Health and Human Services as a proven effective, evidence-based intervention that reduces sexual initiation among teens, and is included on the federal list of approved pregnancy prevention programs. Heritage Keepers® provides age appropriate materials for 8th – 12th grade classes and is taught by our certified facilitator. Our presentation schedule is flexible based on your school’s needs.

Community Presentations

For the community, we bring presentations for your youth and college groups that discuss healthy dating, risks of early sexual activity, and the benefits of abstinence until marriage. Our desire is to equip our young adults with information that empowers them to make relationship decisions leading to the fulfillment of their long-term goals.

To request a presentation for your group, or to get additional information, email