Unlikely Courage


J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote that “courage is found in unlikely places.” This statement could not be more true than when we look at Sarah’s story. Sarah* came to us as a 20-year old facing an unplanned pregnancy. Many young women like Sarah look to abortion as “a way out” of a pregnancy they did not intend. But not Sarah. She clearly stated that abortion was not an option for her because of her faith.

For a young woman like Sarah, facing an uncertain future as a single mom takes tremendous courage and strength that not many people possess. Her story reveals the great magnitude of such courage and strength. This pregnancy was not the result of a one-time fling or a long-term relationship. Sarah was raped. And not by one man, but several men at the same time. Few of us can even begin to fathom the trauma of a gang-rape victim, let alone discovering the rape led to a pregnancy.

Sarah had a loving and supportive family to help her through this heart-breaking time. Even with that, she often felt alone in her circumstances. So she scheduled an appointment at WISH Medical to talk about it, and hopefully receive information about her options and some referrals for help in dealing with the enormity of her situation.

After considering adoption for a time, Sarah returned to us for parenting classes before giving birth to her son. Since then, Sarah has returned time and time again with her adorable little boy to take classes and utilize our resources to help her be the best mom she can be. She has embraced motherhood wholeheartedly and continues to remind us of how courage truly is found in unlikely places.

If you or a friend ever need someone to talk with, please contact us. We’re here so you can have a safe place to share your story.

*Name changed for confidentiality

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I Don’t Think I Can…

Kayla* stared in disbelief at the little pink lines on the home pregnancy test. Positive, just like the other 4. She couldn’t wrap her mind around being pregnant. She was only nineteen. She had plans to go to college, get straight A’s, and apply to medical school. How did a baby fit into that plan? There could be a chance that the tests were wrong, couldn’t there? She had to know for sure.

Kayla walked through the doors of WISH Medical full of trepidation. The receptionist smiled, and the welcoming atmosphere helped her to relax a bit. She met with a friendly patient advocate who asked her a full range of questions. Kayla’s fears and hesitations tumbled out of her, while tears ran silently down her cheeks. She expressed pressure from her aunt, the father of her baby, and other friends to have an abortion and just move on with her life. She felt like that was her only choice. She hadn’t even thought about any other way to handle this. The advocate calmly walked her through all of her possible options, allowing her to pause and work through the pros and cons of each.

Kayla’s advocate also offered her the opportunity to talk with two young single mothers, both in college. These young moms shared with Kayla the joys and challenges of single parenthood and finishing school. They told her about about scholarships, grants, and programs that universities have to help pregnant or single moms continue their education. Kayla began to feel the weight lift ever so slightly as she started to realize that maybe, just maybe, she could do this.

The lab quality pregnancy test was positive. While Kayla knew an ultrasound was the next best step, she was hesitant. She knew that seeing the baby and the heartbeat made this pregnancy undeniably real. She steeled herself and scheduled the ultrasound for the following Wednesday. The next week was full of crucial moments for Kayla and her baby. Her aunt had a change of heart and decided to help Kayla and support her raising her child. One of her friends offered Kayla the extra room in her rental at a very affordable price. She decided to go ahead and start school next month and wait to decide if she would continue until after her baby was born. In the meantime, she researched anything she could find about financial assistance for college.

Kayla returned to WISH Medical for her ultrasound, and with a huge smile she said, “I’ve decided to keep my baby!” She was so excited to be a mother that she had already bought a soft, plush blanket and a baby book to write to her child in. As the nurse began the ultrasound, Kayla was anxiously hoping to see a healthy pregnancy on the monitor. She had only found out she was pregnant a week ago, and the chances of seeing a heartbeat or even a clear picture were slim. Against the odds, she was able to see both! She lit up when she saw the tiny heartbeat fluttering, and couldn’t keep the smile from her face. She received some pictures of her baby and an invitation to return for another free ultrasound in her second trimester to see him or her again.

Kayla signed up for the Life Coaching Program and began working toward specific goals with her coach. She also participated in parenting classes and used the resource room as she moved forward in this special chapter of her life. Eight months after she had stared at those little pink lines in her bathroom, Hunter James made his entrance into the world and into her heart. She had thought it could never happen to her…but now she can’t imagine life any other way.

*Name changed for confidentiality

For more information about our services, email office@wishmedical.com, schedule an appointment online or call 208-892-WISH(9474)